Legal Services

Law firm Šimberský provides a wide range of legal services focusing particularly on civil and commercial law, family law, labor law, administrative, constitutional and European law. We administer litigant client cases and out-of-court cases, or a combination of both. For the long term we administer all legal matters of our clients and ad hoc factual legal case. Legal services can be also provided in the form of one-off consultations. Our clients are business entities, public service or combined entities, as well as individuals – both local and foreign. Legal services are provided in Czech, English and French.

Real estate transfers

  • negotiating of terms of transfer contracts
  • pledges and collaterals
  • payment terms
  • financing solutions including mortgages and loan conditions
  • lawyer deposity
  • signature verification
  • representation before cadastral offices

Representation before courts

  • all written and personal acts in court proceedings, arbitration or other proceedings
  • petitions
  • appeals
  • interim measures
  • extraordinary appeals including constitutional complaints

Contractual agenda

  • drafting of contracts
  • purchase agreements
  • contracts for work
  • employment contracts
  • agreements on settlement of joint ownership
  • agreements on settlement and changes in joint property of spouses

Establishing of companies and their changes

  • establishing of companies, cooperatives and other entities
  • changes in internal relations
  • fusion of companies
  • division of companies
  • transfers of assets
  • transfers of the business or part thereof
  • changes in legal form

Public administration

  • municipalities
  • internal mechanisms of public corporations
  • management of municipal property
  • misdemeanors
  • administrative law
  • building law
  • water law
  • water supply and sewerage systems

Constitutional Court and human rights and liberties

  • human rights and civil liberties
  • assessment of the case and drafting of a constitutional complaint
  • assessment of the case and drafting of a complaint before the European Court of Human Right in Strasbourg
  • marriage divorces and Adjusting ratios of minors
  • mixed (international) marriages and parenthoods
  • parents contact with children
  • settlement of property after divorce