Modern utilization of traditional values

We value and respect the traditional values of advocacy. The essential principle of our work is high quality output, our client's trust is for us an irrevocable satisfaction. Protecting the rights and interests of our clients is always paramount to us. Although we honor almost classical values, we do not employ antiquated attitudes. We provide legal services in a modern way, we are able to leave the templates and see new, fresh and often creative solutions with ease.

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Mgr. Jindřich Šimberský: "Advocacy is an exclusive service."

Mr. Šimberský, you have been working in advocacy for more than 20 years. Can you tell me when am I, a regular citizen, still able to solve my own legal problem by myself, with advice from my friends or with the help of the Internet and when do I need to hire a paid professional?


There is no simple and unequivocal answer to this question, at least not in the field of civil law. The role of life experiences, personal attitudes, other participants in the matter, and of course the very thing that is being discussed, are always important. The experience of others is of course essential too. Clearly, however, it is better, and usually much cheaper, to come to the lawyer as soon as possible, not after the problem develops into a critical state. You almost always need the services of a lawyer if you are a foreigner and enter legal relationships in the local environment.

How do I choose a lawyer, what expectations should be met?


Advocacy is an exclusive service. Usually, the provider of such service is found via recommendation. It's very similar to a dentist. If you are looking for a dentist, you also first ask friends and acquaintances, whether someone in your neighborhood knows of someone good and experienced, someone who has the confidence of those in whom you have confidence. You will not be looking for the cheapest, or even the most expensive, you will be looking for the best, the best you can afford...

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