Insurance and prices


Law firm Šimberský is insured against liability for damage caused to its clients by the insurance company Generali pojišťovna a.s. Our rate of a claim payment under lawyer’s professional indemnity insurance is 25.000.000,- CZK. This amount is higher than the compulsory minimum rate set by the regulations of the Czech Bar Association, which is 5.000.000,- CZK.

When requested by the client, we are able to arrange an ad hoc professional indemnity insurance for a specific case, where the rate of a claim payment may be higher.

During Mgr. Šimberský’s career (since 1999), no client has ever claimed the existence of liability against Mgr. Šimberský or against any other member of our team.


Clients can choose between two types of fees: an hourly fee and a non – contractual fee

1. Hourly fee 

The hourly fee is concluded as individual contractual fee which depends on the complexity and the circumstances of the case and on the particular client. 

Within the hourly fee the following legal services are being distinguished:

  1. legal services charged as full rate (basic hourly fee), which include above all representation before courts, meetings with client, negotiations with counterparty, drafting of court pleadings (actions, statements, appeals etc.), writing of legal analysis, drafting of contracts or other legal acts, study of documents provided by the client, study of legal sources (case law, doctrine), study of documents provided by the client or study of the court’s file, communication with client, with court or with counterparty etc.;
  2. legal services charged as 50% of the hourly fee (reduced hourly fee), which include less complex legal services such as drafting of simple legal acts or letters, file inspection at the court, time lost in relation to the provision of legal services by travelling to the location and back, etc.;
  3. legal services free of charge, which include administrative work, i.e. especially finalizing and sending of documents, communication with client regarding power of attorney or organization matters etc.;

We charge an extra additional fee for legal services provided in foreign language and for legal services provided urgently. The amount of the additional fee is determined by the contract on the provision of legal services according to the foreign language used and to the nature of the case.

2. Non - contractual fee 

The non – contractual fee is governed by the relevant provisions of the Regulation of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Rep. No. 177/1996 Coll., providing for fees and remuneration of lawyers for their provision of legal services (the so-called Lawyer´s tariff) as amended. It means that the client pays legal services recognized as the so-called legal acts by the Lawyer´s tariff, the rate per one act being set by the Lawyer´s tariff as well. 

General information

VAT shall be added to the fee for legal services.

The flat-rate payment at the amount of 3 % of the billed lawyer’s fee shall cover travel expenses within the Capital city of Prague, printing costs and telecommunications and postal expenses.We continuously keep a detailed specification of legal services provided for each client. This specification is a separate attachment to each issued invoice. Each client also has the right to check his file any time (upon request). 
Legal services are generally billed monthly on the rebound.
When beginning new case we ask the client to make an advance payment. The advance payment shall be deducted against the first invoice. If only a one-time consultation is required, no retainer is needed.
The services can be paid by bank transfer, via PayPal, in cash at our front desk or by credit cards or debit cards. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club INTERNATIONAL, V PAY, DISCOVER, JCB.