Law firm Šimberský is insured against liability for damage caused to its clients by the insurance company Generali pojišťovna a.s. Our rate of a claim payment under lawyer’s professional indemnity insurance is 22.000.000,- CZK. This amount is higher than the compulsory minimum rate set by the regulations of the Czech Bar Association, which is 3.000.000,- CZK.

When requested by the client, we are able to arrange an ad hoc professional indemnity insurance for a specific case, where the rate of a claim payment may be higher.

During Mgr. Šimberský’s career (since 1999), no client has ever claimed the existence of liability against Mgr. Šimberský or against any other member of our team.



Clients can choose between two types of fees: an hourly fee and a non – contractual fee.

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